• 2004-10-29
    SBK launched a membership Bonus point mechanism!

    o thank the members who joined SBK website and to enhance the membership service for increasing the purchasing probability. From today, people who join the membership of SBK website will get 100 points bonus

  • 2004-10-13
    SBK provide you the nourishment for autumn time.

    SBK, who expertise in integrated marketing, provide you the green tea polyphenols skin care set made by PANION & BF BIOTECH INC., who is the 30-year CGMP biotechnical company. 

  • 2004-09-27
    SBK’s Mid-Autumn festival marketing turned out great results, sold over 1,000 boxes to the enterprises group buying.

    SBK provides the office people the home delivery services for buying the gifts for Mid-Autumn festival

  • 2004-09-20
    SBK offered the big sales promotions in Nankang Software Park from Sept. 21st ~ 23rd .

    SBK has great sales promotions for the employees in Nankang Software Park again! There are Korean pomelo tea, ginseng tea, Taiwan high mountain tea, tea plum, e-g-sain dessert gift set, 

  • 2004-09-20
    SBK offered the big sales of “Korean Taste” products for EPSON employees on Sept. 20th.

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