• 2005-05-22
    SBK launched folding bike special offer, it’s time for sports!!

    The people nowadays are all busy with work and schoolwork, and their general problems are lack of sports. SBK consider the health of employees, we specially cooperate with the Taichung bicycle manufacturing factory to launch many different kinds of the folding bikes.

  • 2005-04-26
    SBK launched the "Beautiful" Mother's Day project, Julia international Crystal jewelry present you the nice gift for Mom.

    Every Mother's Day, everyone always takes time to think what gifts to buy?

    SBK help you to find the nice gift – we cooperate with Julia International Crystal jewelry, there are dozens of the crystal jewelry for you to choose

  • 2005-04-14
    Yuekang Dzi bead jewelry shop held the event for the first reincarnated Living Buddha ~ Bodhisattva Mantra Bowie in Taiwan.

     For spreading the concept of orthodox liturgy and ceremony, Yuekang Dzi invited the first Taiwanese reincarnated living Buddha Bodhisattva Mantra Bowie to hold the biography releasing press con and pray for the general assembly. It’s held in the Living Mall in April 9th afternoon, and there will be many celebrities to attend.

  • 2005-04-04
    A-Be Spring Roll walks into the campus to teach students the origin of Spring Roll.


    SBK cooperated with A-Be Spring Roll, which is the famous old stall in Shilin, on March 29. We accept the invitation from the primary school teacher to demonstrate how to make spring rolls, and let the children the reason why we eat spring rolls.

  • 2005-03-13
    SBK presented "super magic egg” and sold crazily.

    The Valentine’s Day was coming right after the CNY. There was a new product, super magic egg, in the flower market. This is the great gift for lovers, which has the meaning of “irrigate love”.

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